I left school at nearly 16 years of age with no qualifications whatsoever.

Entered an engineering apprenticeship at a local Chocolate Manufacturing company in Bournville Birmingham and attended a local college.

I gained my Engineering qualifications and skills needed to work within the Engineering industry.

This start in my life was not something I had planned nor wanted to do, as I had a gift/talent and love of music and I quickly learnt that I had a knack of creating music and playing guitar.

So with one very negative parent that expressed a strict wish that I served an Apprenticeship and not follow my dreams of playing Guitar or to tour with a professional successful band of that era.

Drums and Vocals at an early age, was pure gold to me and throughout my teenage years I grabbed the chance of playing wherever and whenever I could, as it was heaven and sheer bliss to me and an escape from the mundane normality of life.

I picked up my first old battered second hand Spanish Guitar at 5 years of age after a retired Jamaican foundry worker gave me the guitar along with free lessons, I was off to a flying start.

I picked up drum sticks at 6 years of age and soon mastered playing drums over time and so I joined and toured with many bands over many years of my life and met and played along side some top artists and loved every minute of it and I still keep my hand in playing at my local church now and then, as its great fun with great people and my stress release factor.

I was made redundant as I finished my apprenticeship and as I was unemployed for quite a while and work was very thin on the ground, but I was lucky enough and managed to join another company within the Engineering sector, that manufactured lathes, milling machines and other tool room equipment, but it was all very close tolerance work and I got fed up and bored very quickly, with that and with no room for error whatsoever, it was a nightmare.

Whilst I carried on treading this very dull path of Engineering work that I hated, I played just about every working mans club, rock club and venue known to man both here and many abroad, as it was the music scene that kept me sane and it gave me that buzz and adrenalin rush I needed to survive.

But over time, I grew bored yet again and I felt totally fed up with the same old routine within the Engineering world and eventually I was laid off from that job also.

But, what would I do, I new nothing else?

With only my worldly experiences and Engineering skills to fall back on, I spent many years in and out of self employment, contracting within the Engineering sector for many major companies, which was fine but very sketchy in parts and to be paid on time, was a luxury.

As the years rolled by, I like many of us discovered the computer age and purchased my first PC, whilst discovering just about every program, scam and worthless training and product known to man, whilst spending a small fortune in failing constantly at every corner.

I also have a book in the pipeline nearly completed, based on my experiences in life, growing up in one of the roughest areas known to man with work and a sick connection to a very undesirable family, I have since severed my ties from and I do hope to get it completed and published over time.

I was abused as a child both physically and mentally by a half brother, I was beaten and locked away in a brick built garden building/shed on a regular basis, for what I don’t know why to this day and to coin a phrase, he was pure hell and pure evil on legs and I always wondered why I never fitted in or could I do anything right, thus the book in the making and a very long and drawn out explanation, as to why I didn’t fit in with the family at the time.

The horrendous and shameful family I came from was pitiful and a total embarrassment, but I was too young to realise or understand. I was told at the age of 49 years old that my biological father was in-fact my mothers cousin and not the man I new as Dad, who passed away at 47 years old when I was just barely 19.

Then, in my early 40s I was struck down with crippling illnesses and my life changed drastically and as a result, put an end to the heavy Engineering world and career I was a part of.

Even today, I struggle physically and mentally and I am on and off of sticks/crutches constantly, but doing better than I once did, as I was once wheel chair bound for many years and totally depended on my wife and son for everything.

So again, with more time on my hands, I started to delve into the world of computing and internet marketing even further and soon discovered that this was for me and I have not looked back since, the rest is history as they say.

Only one person can change your life for the best, “You” and you alone can work and achieve great things and train to work from anywhere with just a laptop and an internet connection.

Once you grasp this concept of learning the things available to you within The Internet Marketing area, you will start to see your life change for the better, and if you hate your job or your boss, hate having no money, or can’t work a manual job due to poor health or are retired or whatever situation you find yourself in at whatever stage in life, it can change, but only you can do it.

Never give in and always go that extra mile to achieve success.

God Bless, Tosh.